The slideshow that played at our wedding and introduced the bridal party is now online. Watch it here!
We're Married!!!

The "Photos" page is constantly being updated with shots taken throughout the wedding, so make sure you visit that page often to see the latest photographs.
We have also started a photo journal where Cheyanne takes a photograph everyday of something that reminds her of her new married life. It can be found at
The site is updated daily, and the photos can be commented on, so there will always be something new on the site. Check it out!

If you took photos on your own camera over the course of the day, and have an online gallery that you would like to share with the rest of our guests, please send us a link. We'll post it on our website for everyone to see when we return. So, we're off to enjoy Mexico, but in the meantime, enjoy the photo booth photos. Thanks again everyone!!

About Us
Cheyanne Holton and Andy Sammons met in 2001 during their first year of college at UC San Diego. They were living in the same residence halls in Marshall College.

Andy noticed Cheyanne walking around campus all the time. He knew that in between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays he would see her walking around Muir College, although he didn’t know her name, or that she lived in the same dorms as he did. He started putting the pieces together, when he saw her walking out of a DOC lecture hall. DOC (Dimensions of Culture) was a core class for Marshall students, so he knew that she was in the same college as him. He pretended to wait for his friend who was in the same class, so he could see her three times a week as she left class.

Cheyanne had seen Andy for the first time while she was studying on “The Hump” (a grassy area in the Marshall Res Halls where everyone hung out). He hopped over his patio fence, with his patchy dyed hair, and skateboarded off. Cheyanne thought he was super cute and pretty cool looking. She would see him randomly skateboarding around campus and whenever she'd hear a skateboard she would turn to see if it was him.

Andy’s roommate, a kind of awkward UCSD guy, came back to the suite one day professing about this girl who he was going to be studying math with. The suite asked him questions about her, and when he said her name was “Cheyenne”, we couldn’t help but to make the obvious city capital joke. The next day, he brought her back to our suite to study, and Andy was shocked to realize that this “Cheyenne” girl was the girl that he had being seeing around campus for the past few months. He quickly hid in his room with the door closed and played guitar, ignoring her completely, but hoping that she was still outside, hearing him play.

The “official” first meeting occurred on a mutual friends birthday. Andy was a bit shy, so Cheyanne had to make the first move by asking, “So where are you from?” Later that night, while Andy was in Cheyanne’s suite, he gave her roommate his IM screenname: l3ofa. So Bgonky3 and l3ofa began chatting over IM, since they were both too nervous to talk in person. They would spend hours typing back and forth even though they were only 300ft apart. What nerds.

After breaking the ice over IM, they began hanging out as friends. They found out that they had both had a crush on each other. Which eventually turned into more, when Cheyanne gave Andy mono.

Their next 3 years at school were spent together, playing Ultimate Frisbee for the school teams, traveling around the country for tournaments, coming up with awesome costumes for themed parties, cruisin’ around PB and making each other happy. After UCSD, Cheyanne moved back home to Anaheim to go to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA. Andy stayed in San Diego for the year until he realized he couldn’t spend one more day without Cheyanne and he moved up to the OC to be with her.

Cheyanne is now the Art Director for Jonathan Martin, a clothing company in downtown Los Angeles. Andy is working as a freelance web designer and graphic artist, using his website